Webinars on the Homes For Good approach

If you are interested in learning about the Homes for Good approach so that you can create similar impact do join us in our webinars.

Dates and Booking Links

You might be an entrepreneur, or perhaps someone delivering on housing within a local authority, or working in a voluntary sector organisation or running a lettings agency already.

Workshops : Introduction to the Homes for Good approach:

The first webinar “Homes for Good – introduction to a social enterprise lettings agency” is being run regularly as it introduces our approach and sets the scene for engaging with us through the community and other resources.

Additional webinars are likely to include:

  • getting started with a social enterprise lettings agency
  • running an lettings agency that is kind and inclusive, supporting tenants
  • delivering tenancy support within a social enterprise lettings agency business model
  • sharing our Love Home approach
  • planning how to grow your lettings agency by owning properties

Our webinars will be run on Zoom and led by Susan Aktemel, Founder and Director of Homes For Good, and her Senior Leadership Team including Alice SimpsonKara ReidJoey Lawrie and Karen Leigh Anderson. We will be inviting partners to run online seminars too so keep in touch.

To find out more about this programme click here, or join our  LinkedIn Group, or join our newsletter to be kept up to date with this work across the UK.