Webinars on the Homes For Good approach

If you are interested in learning about the Homes for Good approach so that you can create similar impact do join us in our free webinars, and visit us for a day with our leadership team in Bridgeton with our Deep Dive visits.

You might be working for a charity or social enterprise looking at new housing models, or perhaps someone delivering on housing within a local authority, or working in a voluntary sector organisation or running a lettings agency already.

We have introductory webinars, specialist webinars and visits to us in Glasgow – you can reach these as a collection on EventBrite by clicking on the links below, or you can book a date by choosing it from the links below that.

Introductory workshops
These workshops introduce the story of the start-up and growth of the Homes for Good social enterprise lettings agency. Book here.
Specialist Workshops
These are four workshops covering the following areas in more detail: Tenancy Support, Running a lettings agency, Raising investment to purchase property and Our Love Home approach. Book here.
Deep Dive Visits
Spend a day with us in Bridgeton learning about how our organisation works. Book here.

Book for your chosen date below.

These workshops are part of a National Lottery Community Funded programme.